Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Teach Them To Improvise....

so my kids make their own breakfast in the morning.
some of you may judge me, but i have always thought it best to give them a bit of independence. it's very good for them.
.....and it buys me a bit more time to sleep in.

they get up around 7am (okay, they're not allowed to get up any earlier.) they put on the clothes i laid out the night before, make their breakfast (ty cooks frozen waffles and shaeya makes a bowl of cereal or yogurt for her and tekoa), brush their teeth, and get their lunches out (packed the night before.)

and then i join them- sometime around 7:30/7:45. i clean up their mess (huge mess, but so worth it), do shaeya's hair, wake up wren, load them up in the van, and we're off to school.

it's a win/win because for some reason while i'm sleeping (or sometimes just lying there listening to them) they don't fight. at all. they work together, they laugh, they get dressed without's amazing. and then the minute i join them the euphoria ends and the teasing/tattling begins.

so i choose to sleep. like i said, judge me if you want, but it is what it is for now.

and all that brings us to this morning.

i went to bed last night wondering what the morning would bring, because i have been pretty busy and let our food supply get really low. no waffles, no milk.
i expected to be awakened by complaints, so i was pleasantly surprised when i woke up and it was 7:30.
i walked out to the kitchen and there were the girls- slurping up the last bit of cereal from their bowls.

" was breakfast?" i asked.
shaeya said, "oh, it was good. we were out of milk, but that's okay i still made us some cereal."
"and how did you make the cereal?"
"well, since we didn't have milk i just used juice. and sugar and water. it was good."
and tekoa said, "ya, it was good." slurp.


  1. That sounds like some nasty cereal but whatever works

  2. did did that when i was little, too! i still remember it haha