Monday, March 29, 2010

Vocab Lesson

i have recently learned the definition of superwoman.

it is this:

painting the house plus taking care of 5 kids- one of whom is a baby that is cutting her 2 front teeth- plus keeping the house clean, and then showing it to a couple who was "in the neighborhood." (who ended up asking me, "how many children do you have??")

....painting, feeding, bathing, nursing, cleaning, painting, breaking up fights, nursing, finding 2 girls covered in lotion, painting, cleaning, finding 2 kids covered in paint, nursing (she wanted to nurse those teeth through- i'm sure some of you can sympathize), finding tekoa's curtains ripped off the wall, then "sure, come on in- i would love to show you the house!", then more of it all, then throwing down my paintbrush in order to jump in the shower and then welcome our friends over for dinner- during which one child peed their pants, one let out repeated ear splitting shrieks of pain, and one refused to sit at the table.

the highlight-
after we put the kids to bed, we enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing evening with our friends. but for some reason when we put in a movie my eyes refused to stay open.....

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