Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wren's New Trick

first, here are the pictures i promised....

and here is wren at her finest.....i went to get her out of her car seat one morning after dropping the kids off at school and she looked like this-

so of course instead of quickly cleaning her up i had to take a picture :)
still wanna kiss those cheeks, grandma??

wren's first time playing in the sandbox and the "clubhouse."
she absolutely loved it. she's losing her babyness......i need a kleenex.

and this is an everyday occurrence with the books.
.....losing innocence along with babyness.

shaeya's new haircut- i cut about 4 inches off and layered it a bit-
and now there's a bit of vanity coming out in her....
she wakes up every morning and runs to the mirror to make sure her hair is still short.

and these two are best friends about 20% of the day, and enemies for 80%.
they are fighting and tattling all day long. they are very jealous of my attention.
but they sure are cute together, aren't they?

and now for wren's new trick :)
so cute.

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  1. love the pictures and video!!! Wrens new trick- IMPRESSIVE!!!