Monday, March 22, 2010

Desi's Back :)

feels like it's been years since my last post...and it's been a week.
one insanely crazy week.

did i mention that we are keeping destiny (my goddaughter) this week? for a little more about her you can read this-

her mom is on spring break and needed a break :)
and we were excited to have her again. the last time she stayed with us was in august, so she is asking me about every hour if we can go swimming. she is soooo funny! she makes me laugh all day long.
the other night i was headed out to a movie with some girls and i had on a button down shirt.
i guess i had left 1 too many buttons undone cause when she hugged me good-bye she patted my chest and said, "god mom, you're too naked."
so funny.

my cousin kristin made the drive with me on saturday to go pick her up. it's about an hour and a half drive, but i have this amazing way of stretching hour and a half long drives into 2 1/2 hour long ones.
my gps was doing it's job, but a bunch of the country roads were closed, and i had no idea where i was and it was snowing and raining....
and we were lost and there were no gas stations around and someone in the van had to pee really bad- i mean really bad, so we ended up pulling over so she could pee on the side of the road. in broad daylight.......and i'll just let you think it was one of the kids......

that night i put destiny and tekoa to bed in koa's room and i was holding wren while she slept.
awhile later tekoa woke up and started crying and said she had to go potty. so i told her to hang on, and i went and put wren in her crib.
i walked into the bathroom and stepped right into a big puddle of pee. she had taken of her pajamas and her pull up and then apparently couldn't wait any longer (okay, i guess i do know that feeling....) i picked up her pee soaked clothes and took off my wet pants (from the pee on the floor, remember?) and took them to the laundry room. to the sound of both tekoa and wren crying. then i wiped up the floor and rinsed tekoa off in the shower- yep, still screaming- dried her off and laid her in my bed. i then went to get wren who also had not stopped crying. i walked into the closet (have i mentioned that her crib is in our closet?) and there she was- standing up in the crib for the first time, and in my haste to help koa i had forgotten to lift the gate up.
so my poor little baby was standing up and leaning right over the edge of the crib- ready to fall head first to the floor. i felt so awful!! i still keep thinking of how terrible it would've been if she would've flipped over the edge....

anyway- i eventually got them both back to sleep, and then at about 4am i heard a kid get up, so i walked into the bathroom and there was destiny- on the toilet, but somehow her pee shot out onto her pajamas and the floor. i think that floor is just a magnet for pee.
after cleaning all that up i felt like i needed a shower. wait have i taken one yet? i can't remember.....
but it's probably a good thing because wren puked all in my hair this morning at walmart. wouldn't have wanted her to puke on clean hair- that would've been way more tragic.

and the trip to walmart brings me to today- of course we really need food, but we didn't go there for food this morning. we wouldn't have been able fit food in the cart with my 3 girls already in it. wouldn't have wanted to even if we could with the way tekoa and destiny were standing and then sitting and then standing and sitting and fighting.....

nope, we were there on a secret mission. it is kristin's birthday.
we bought her all kids of fun things at walmart. then we put them in a box, wrapped it, and bought some flowers and a big fountain soda.
we drove the van to her house and then parked it on a side street. i took the stuff, snuck up to the house, arranged it on her front porch, rang the doorbell, and then ran as fast as i could back to the van.
the girl's thought it was hilarious- as did the neighbors i'm sure.

well, i've got lots of pictures to post but something must not be working right cause it's not letting me.
so pictures will come soon........right now the sun is calling me.

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  1. Kristin called me this morning to ask if I had anything to do w/the surprise on her front step and for some reason I thought someone had played the manniquin joke on her too! I was like "I know nothing!"