Monday, March 1, 2010

Big News

and the big news is......wren and i slept the entire night. all night long. it was indescribably wonderful.
what, isn't that news big enough??

i heard the kids come up around 7:30 this morning, so i got up to join them. i walked out and talked to them all for a bit and then tyden said, "mom, you don't usually wake up like this..... you usually wake up still tired."
too funny. i do usually wake up still tired, but hopefully last night was the start of a whole new life for me.

wren's first time in the snow....

this weekend was the Home Show at the civic center.
every year NHS has a booth and so dave gets to spend most of his weekend there. this year they had a lot of fun things for kids- including a little club house to play in lovingly made by the office crew at NHS. i had to bring the kids by the office a few times during the construction just to try it out.

and now that shaeya has seen what her dad is really capable of she has put in her order for one. just like this one except up in a tree.....

funny how i can take her to these big, amazing houses to show her what daddy does at work, but what impresses her the most is the little club house :)
it is awfully cute.

and now the highlight of my day at the Home Show-
i was standing in line with my dad and the kids to get balloons, and i was chatting it up with the mom who was behind us in the line. at a pause in the conversation she looked at my dad- and then asked me if he was my husband. my HUSBAND.
she asked me if my DAD was my HUSBAND.
okay i just (i mean practically yesterday) turned 29, and i'm, you know, trying to deal with the fact that 30 is coming next, and then i get asked if my dad is my husband.
but okay, my dad is a pretty young grandpa. i mean i was born when he was only 23, and that's pretty young. and now he's a grandpa to 11 and he's only 52, so i can see how that could be a bit confusing to people. 29 and 52. i can see it now.

the only other thing going on around here that's worth mentioning is that tekoa has a cold and her ears are full of fluid and she can't hear anything.
there are moments when i find humor in it, and other people think it's hilarious, but living with it gets very old.
before i even finish what i'm saying to her she is yelling, "HUH??

i can't stop her from doing awful, messy, dangerous things as quickly as i could before. i have to yell.
and she keeps asking me, "mommy, do you hear that in my ear? do you hear that?"
poor girl. i can tell she just doesn't feel as much a part of things and it causes her to act out quite a bit more.

this morning we had a few extra minutes before we had to leave for school so we all sat down together and i told them a story. and during the entire story tekoa kept asking, "are you telling the story??" "can you tell us the story??"
like i said- funny, but not fun to live with. :)

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  1. ok, to a mom that is still waking up tired, i must ask, did you do something different or just luck into the magical time when your child decided to sleep through the night. I don't think my child ever reach that age. :)