Saturday, March 6, 2010

You Do What You Got To Do.....

it actually worked quite well :)

today was a wonderful day. i mean really wonderful.
wren slept great last night, and no one woke me up this morning until almost 9.....i'm kind of ashamed to admit that i slept that late.

the older 2 were invited over to a friend's house for the day so for most of the day i only had 2.

dave was working at my cousin kari's, and i called him around 10:45 just to tell him that it was saturday and i was actually getting out of the house.
it went something like this, "dave it's saturday and i'm pulling out of our drive and that's because i'm leaving our house. i'm going somewhere on a saturday. i don't even know where i'm going.... i just know i'm getting out."

i ended up picking up some food and having lunch with him.
and then i went on a long walk with kari and her sister tara.
never mind that i only had 1 stroller and 2 kids :)
it was so nice outside and the kids were very good. might just have to use that stroller trick again sometime.

tekoa was an angel all day- i don't know what got into her.....
but speaking of koa, she turns 3 on monday and i'm planning a party for her and 10 of her friends- should be interesting. it's gonna be a "dance party." i've already made a playlist of all her favorite songs. she is going to love it.

anyway, we finished up this wonderful day by having some friends over for dinner, and it was very fun and relaxing.

well, it's late and i need to get to bed- tomorrow is church, and at some point i have to buy and make all the food and cupcakes for the party on monday, and then in the evening we are celebrating koa's birthday with dave's family.

** oh yea, the kids and i had our 2nd "concert" at the ac nursing home yesterday.
it went well apart from me finishing out a really slow, meaningful, beautiful hymn with a very abrupt ending due to me forgetting the words. seems to be a problem i've had at least once before......
at least this audience probably won't remember and continue to bring it up for the next 10 years.
and at least i'm okay with just laughing it off :)

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