Monday, April 5, 2010

Free Stuff....

my easter weekend began with a million phone calls on my cell phone asking me for some of my "free stuff." i was thoroughly confused and trying to explain to people that i didn't have free stuff i had a house for sale when i realized that it was april fools day.
it took about 2 minutes to figure out that it had to be my youngest brother who had put an advertisement on craig's list for free baby equipment at my phone number. ha ha. i had to admit it was pretty funny- and i had a good laugh- after i realized i didn't actually have to answer all one million phone calls.
he better watch it next year.....

then later that day i lost my cell phone- it was lost for almost 24 hours before i found it. i had 21 missed calls. i'd like to think they were from friends because i have so many, but i'm sure they were just people wanting my free stuff. :)

and then i got sick. i felt pretty miserable all day friday and saturday, but i willed myself better so i could go out on saturday night with 2 of my brothers and their wives.
by sunday i actually was feeling better- we had church and then dinner with my dad's family and an easter egg hunt. it was a good day.
all day long whenever i thought about easter and what Jesus did for me i got chills. i've never felt so thankful for what He did as i do now. there's so much i don't know about His plan, but what i do know brings me to my knees in gratitude. i long for heaven. i long to finally be with Him and free from my humanness. i can't wait to be holy- and the fact that He sacrificed so much so that i can be holy is so very humbling.

of course we try to teach our kids what easter is really about but it's hard for them to see anything past the egg hunts and easter baskets.
i asked tekoa what Jesus did on easter and she said, "he died on the cross."
i asked her, "and then what happened??"
she said, "um.....the easter bunny pushed him."
yep, we're doing a good job explaining it all.


  1. What cute little easter dresses!

  2. you've gotta watch ella's video on face book. it's also about her vast knowledge of easter.

  3. I love koa's dimples in that picture!