Monday, March 15, 2010

Coming Around...

dave said my last post sounded like an obituary.
i had to laugh....i'm slowly coming around.

spent the weekend clearing all the junk out of the house. there was a lot- so many toys.
i guess i should have a garage sale, but i don't know if i really want to go through all that work. we'll see. right now all the junk is in our garage so i do need to decide soon.

so overwhelming....and so hard to get anything done with all the kids pulling their toys back out of the give away pile. and with a sick baby on top of it. she had a fever for 4 days and the only time i could set her down was when she was sleeping. and the especially fun part was that she kept choking on her snot and puking.

so now i'm left with going through the attic- which will be difficult since it's not safe to take the little ones up there with me, painting, and deep cleaning. and then having a garage sale in my spare time.....

we will be having an open house on april 11th, so i need to have it all done and the house looking beautiful by then.
here are the pictures we put on

i know the one of the master bathroom is not good- just haven't had time to redo it yet....i'm sure i'll get to it soon...

we took the kids out to the lot yesterday for the first time. they loved it- they are so excited to "live in the woods" - and have space to play and explore. there is a little creek at one end and i'm sure they will have so much fun with that.
they were already envisioning being able to ride their bikes on the road without worrying about cars, and having their dad build them a clubhouse in the woods somewhere. :)
it really is beautiful. it will be an amazing place to live....but like i said before- it's just hard to see past this next year of selling and moving and then building. and then moving again....


  1. how much for just the basement? :)
    LOVE IT!
    Good luck with the sell!

  2. I just dont understand how you can just up and sell such a place. Think of all the memories that will be completely gone forever. I guess these days everything has a price tag........

    Just kidding, your house will sell faster than you can imagine. People were blown away at the quality of my house when I sold it, and yours is even a few notches nicer with Dave's attention to detail. BTW, your new lot is awesome! Justin and I will be deer hunting there this fall!