Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

i got woken up this morning by 3 kids climbing in my bed with cards and candy, and my wonderful husband behind them with a huge bouqet of flowers- it was so great. the kids were so excited- koa kept saying "is this fun, mom? is this fun?" it was so fun- we should start every day that way.

dave gave me a gift card to old navy so i could buy myself some new maternity clothes (it's not like i complain EVERYday that i have nothing to wear) but i think i'm gonna stick this one out and save the $ for after the baby is born- since this is the very last time i am ever going to be pregnant (i sincerely hope)
it's not really about not wanting more kids- it's that i never want to go through anything like the last 6 mos ever again- i have been so incredibly sick and i'm so tired of puking- i feel like it's never going to end!
oh, and add the fact that i always gain like a hundred pounds no matter what i do.
so anyways we're done- unless God drops one on our doorstep (and if it's a boy :))

the girls and i have had a rough couple of days. tekoa is having a hard time listening and obeying. i've heard "i don't like to listen!!" quite a few times- it's kinda hard not to laugh. and shaeya has been finding something to complain about at all times- and it's kinda hard not to just take away all the clothes and food that are never quite what she wants- am i allowed to do that?? cause i think it might help....

well i've gotten a little off the subject of valentine's day- hopfully dave and i can have a little time together tonight to celebrate after he gets home from work and the kids are in bed- right now
i've got one kid crying on my lap, one reading over my shoulder, and one sitting on the computer desk right by the keyboard, so i'm quitting for now....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Starting It Up

well, this is the start of my blog and i don't really know what i'm doing, or if i will even find the time to keep this up, but here i go.

most days i feel like my life doesn't have much to do with me- seriously, who has time for things like haircuts, buying clothes, working out, showering.... someday i have big plans for enjoying all of the above, but for now they have to wait.

my days are filled- starting with getting tyden off to school- is it really necessary for school to start at 7:45 in the morning??? wouldn't the CHILDREN function better if they pushed it back just a little??
then driving shaeya to and from preschool- preschool, 2 1/2 hours, what can you really get done in 2 1/2 hours?
next is feeding the girls lunch, then cleaning up their mess and getting food off their clothes and out of their hair, breaking up fights, pulling tekoa down from the counters, the table, toilet tanks, window sills... and pulling her out of the shower (with shampoo all over her clothes and hands) and the bathtub (once again in her clothes but now soaking wet) and choosing very carefully my battles with shaeya - yes, you have to wear GIRL clothes to preschool, and yes, you have to say awful, humbling words like please and i'm sorry. then there's naptime for the girls where i catch up on cleaning and laundry, and then try to get a little nap myself before tyden gets home, so i can be ready for homework- its 1st grade, people- it's not like he can do it by himself!
then dave comes home and we have dinner and dishes, our Bible story time and bathtime- then games as a family- sounds nice, right? i don't know why they get so excited for game time when somebody ends up crying EVERY time. they just don't like to lose, i get that, but do you really have to CRY about it??? and tekoa likes game time, too. it's so much fun to get reactions from everyone when you tip the board over.

that brings us to bedtime, and after songs and prayers and a little head- banging (tekoa) they're asleep, and it's time for dave and i to have a little time together to catch up, and then by about 9:30 this tired, pregnant girl heads to bed.

now, don't get me wrong, there's no other job for me. i feel perfectly content and so very blessed to have this time with my children. i think i was built only for this- (maybe that's just cause i'm not good at much else) what WILL i do when they're all in school all day? i really hope at that point to be helping more with our local jail ministry and taking care of babies/children whose mothers are in jail, and helping and counseling the mothers (in parenting and in Jesus) when they get out. i get to do a little of this now, but i hope to be doing a lot more in the future.

well.... i guess this is the end of the beginning of michelle's blog- who knows what will happen from here :)