Friday, March 26, 2010


today tyden went to a friend's house after school, and we brought one of shaeya's friends (lexi) home. so i spent the afternoon with 5 girls.

it was going really well. we were soaking in some sun on a blanket outside- the girls with some polly pockets, and me with a magazine.

now to get just the right mix of sun without wind i had to spread the blanket partway on some of our "landscaping." (wood chips. i do not shine brightly in this area.) and it actually looked quite cozy. so i sat down, leaned my back against the warm bricks on the house, and tilted at just the right angle to feel the sun, read, and watch the girls (aka break up the fights...)

then the phone rang. it was a friend. and we were in the middle of catching up when suddenly about 3 feet away from me the ground burst open and out flies an animal- heading straight for me at an incredible rate of speed. i let out quite a scream in my startled state and flew to my feet- scaring all the girls and the animal who then veered toward lexi. she let out a scream louder than mine and then wren let loose with a howl.

the animal- which i then realized was a mole- turned again and ran under shaeya's jacket which was lying on the blanket.

everyone was on their feet and yelling, and my poor friend on the phone was truly concerned at this point. i quickly explained to her that we had a mole on our blanket and i would have to call her back.

long story short, i grabbed a garbage can from the garage, set it on it's side by the jacket, and flipped the blanket up sending the jacket and the mole sailing right into the can.

and i am now the hero. his name is "max the mole" and the kids think i'm sooo cool for catching it. and dave is thrilled because max the mole had been tearing up the yard.

now the question is what to do with him.
dave's idea is slightly different than the kids'......

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