Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more of the same...still waiting on the building permit- should be 1 week yet.
but we've been getting lots of ideas for things we want to do, and we pretty much have the outside designed. it's getting me really excited.

when we built our 1st house i actually didn't have say in much of anything- we went with the bottom $ on most everything. and with this house i get to use some my own ideas and it's really fun.
we met at kbl today to look at cabinets. it was fun- even with the constant tugs on my arm and the "mom...mom....mom...hey mom...." that was consistently going on. :)

as for the kids- they are still swimming in the lake or holding that very spoiled kitten every chance they get.
we try to get out to the pool or other lakes when we can- it's just so much easier for me to be here. and when you go other places there's always that chance that you might forget to shut your van off while you're swimming. and it could run for hours until it runs out of gas. it happens.

about that kitten....

was there a life before starla?? my kids wouldn't think so. if only there was more of her or less of them. the fighting over her gets old.

and here's my little walker- though she's not getting any faster or any more confident yet.

we are gearing up for a long weekend of camping (if you can call staying in our air-conditioned bedroom camping) at the lake. probably our last weekend with dave around. we're looking forward to lazy days with lots of friends and family and sunshine. and sleep. i'm hoping for a little more sleep than what i've been getting.....not very likely :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

it feels like it's been about 10 lifetimes since my last post, when it's actually been what, a week and a half?

we are completely moved and settled in. we closed on our house on thursday. it's done and we are feeling very glad to have all of that behind us.

life is good here. the kids are LOVING the huge yard and the lake and the long driveway for bike riding. oh, and the barn also- they love to play in there and ride their bikes in it.

it is all bringing back memories of growing up here- it is most definitely a kids' paradise....

here is the view from the kitchen windows.

so in the morning, the kids are in their suits and out the door by the time i'm ready to eat breakfast. and i can sit and eat and watch them swim from the kitchen table. wonderful.

and now, meet starla-

she is just 1 more reason why the kids love living here. we finally got them the one thing they have always wanted. and she loves them back. so much so that she sits at the laundry room door and cries whenever they are not with her. cries and cries and cries......

SO.....with all the fun things for the kids to do here and the new kitten, the kids are busy. in fact, i don't see them as much during the days as what i'm used to. and it's good- for all of us. they are feeling more independent and i am feeling less smothered.
i love it when they come running in the door with something they just HAVE to tell me about- their faces are all lit up, and they're all talking at once.....it's great.

here's wren with the kitten- they're not so sure of each other.....

and while we're on the subject of wren-

i love, love, love this stage- it is so much fun.

and as for the new house- we are in the process of applying for our septic permit and the building permit. they may take a week or 2 to get, and then we dig!

so for now, we are enjoying our time with dave cause once we dig we won't be seeing much of him, and we are trying to decide what we want on the outside of our house. brick, stone, stucco, shakes, and the colors....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

all right, finally catching up here with the photos. there are a lot, i know.

wren chilling with her bffs

the things we do for the kids.....that was an all day project.

packing, packing, packing....i don't think it will ever end

i wondered why they were being so quiet....and those don't come off very easily.

big 1 yr old- gets to turn her car seat around. she looks too grown up.

enough pictures, already, mom. (i did get a little carried away)

wren's first sucker. don't even think of taking it away. my ears were ringing after i tried.

catching rays with cousin livie- who looks more interested in her toes than anything

and the highlight of shaeya's life.....thanks again, aunt judy and aunt karin!!!

and thanks also, aunt ruth, for the slide. i recommend clicking on this one for a closer view of the tush on the little one on the right...crack me up.

can't beat this shot...."GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!"

as for what became of it....

guess not everyone was having the time of their lives...or maybe he laid awake too much through the night dreaming about building the house.

on shaeya's actual birthday- we let her pick what she wanted to do

.....a lot of little girls dream of shooting dear, right??

Monday, June 7, 2010

for some reason my sd card for my camera isn't wanting to empty it's pictures onto my computer.

i still want to post pictures from shaeya and wren's birthdays.....i suppose i could go get the cord that plugs my camera straight into the computer, but that would involve getting up and going all the way outside to the van to dig around in there and find it. enough said.

first of all- we are now moving on saturday. this saturday. 6 short days from now.
it's just a house, just a house. i WILL be okay. i'm sure dave thinks i'm losing it. i'm just sort of all over the place....happy, sad, overwhelmed, excited, nervous....and it sure doesn't take much to push me over the edge.
at least i can admit it, right?

second- i got to sing with my good friend gabe this weekend at his church. i was reminded of the fact that i was born to sing. loved it. and i have to say that it felt really good to do something that wasn't only for children. everything i ever do is for children- which is fine, and fulfilling, but this was really good for me.

and speaking of children- my children- we spent our first day at the pool today.
we were there for 3 & 1/2 hours, and i got to lay in the sun for about 6 minutes. you think i'm exaggerating, i'm sure, but i am not. in fact, 6 minutes is probably a stretch. but it was fun. the kids and i were glad to have a break from packing, and wren loved the water.

note to self:
next time bring something that can be used to confine wren while i'm helping the other kids.
bring more snacks for tekoa and try really hard to not get sunscreen in her eyes- she may whine and cry a little less.
NO WATER GUNS FOR TYDEN. if he wasn't "accidentally" squirting people (it was always an accident), he was getting just close enough to keep them on edge...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

packing, packing, packing.
and celebrating birthdays, clearing trees, catching spiders.....

i don't know what else to say except that i've never been so tired, so preoccupied, so up and down.....
but i'm peaceful.
our lot is almost cleared, our plans for the house are almost finalized, and our packing is almost finished.
we have 2 & 1/2 more weeks here and then we make the move to my parent's house. they will be moving out in about a month.

we had a wonderful weekend at norris lake with lots of friends and family. shaeya and wren had the party of all parties with ponies to ride, a large inflatable waterslide, a cotton candy machine, and snow cones. and lots of intense volleyball games for the adults. i will have to post those pictures later, because i'm up too late and very ready to crash.

it was so fun, but then really sad to come home to an empty house. i hate the whole delay.....knowing we have to leave, but having to stay and watch things slowly come apart.
but the kids can't wait to move, and they will be very happy with life at my mom's. and dave can't wait to start building. he is very excited and very ready for it all. he is a great builder- he's very good at what he does and he loves doing it.

so here we go....