Wednesday, August 5, 2009


lots of fun with cousins lately.
but poor tyden just found out cousin #10 on the herman side will be yet another girl.
that makes 2 boys and 8 girls.
can you say drama?
seriously though, they have so much fun together. we just feel bad for tyden.
shaeya is his best friend til she's with her cousins, then he's completely forgotten.
it's pretty hard for him to handle sometimes.

......what he REALLY needs is a brother, right dave?

so, the big news right now is that our goddaughter destiny is coming for a visit. i think we pick her up on tuesday.
we brought her home from the hospital when she was born, and kept her for a month while her mom was finishing serving her time.
now she is 3. she lives with her mom, and comes to visit when we can work it out- about once a year for a week or so.

tell me she is not the most beautiful little girl you've ever seen.

can't wait to see her again. i'm sure she'll be so grown up. and i'm sure i'll post lots of pictures :)

now i've got to go check on my first attempt at zucchini bread......

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