Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go For The Ice Cream

they've always been best friends- so cute- if only they'd include tekoa every now and then.

i peeked in on the kids late last night and saw this. i had to smile.

i asked her this morning, "shaeya, do you ever have to tie black beauty up at night?"
and she said, "oooh, yea. i don't want her running through the house while we're sleeping- she might break something."
good idea.

and the next picture....
i really needed a shower before music yesterday, so i got out a new toy (i like to put about half of their christmas gifts away, and then pull them out as needed:) and put it on the rug in the living room for wren and tekoa to play with. i figured that would buy me enough time for a quick shower.
but when i came out, wren was at the bookcase with about 10 books surrounding her, and tekoa was sitting on the chair in the living room with the tub of sour cream and a spoon....

like i always say- i just don't understand the inner workings of that girl's mind. she's smart, she's almost 3 (in a week and a half), and she does things like this. i mean at least go for the ice cream if your gonna go to all that trouble.

and here's wren showing off her skills-
with tekoa's new favorite song playing (it's always playing) in the background.


  1. Michelle, your stories crack me up. :) I love sleeping beauty tied up--that is so cute!

  2. Wren can crawl?! That is an amazing feat considering all she has to move! Your right it all changes but yet that is good also as she does need to get off your hip sometimes. :) j/k On your previous blog....that must have been some heavy cake. My experience with car tops and items has been less pleasant and more disappointing. However, I did have a coffee mug make it all the way to somewhere on the back bumper. What is that "lovely" song that must be on for Tekoa? I think it sounds like it could be a workout song for Wren....j/k again. If you ever hit a pinch, let me know when youare music teacher and you could shlep the girls next door to MFB and I could watch them while you teach. Love you!!