Thursday, August 27, 2009

And It Just Keeps Getting Better...

a breif summary:

monday night-
dentist calls to see how i'm doing. i tell him about my ill-fitting cap. he says come in in the morning.
also about this time i realize i'm getting a plugged milk duct from missing a feeding during my long dentist appointment.
i'm up all night with a fever....freezing cold and in pain.

take ty to school (shaeya has tues/thurs off).
drop 2 girls off with dave at his office and go back to dentist with the baby.

i meet some friends at the zoo, and in the afternoon i start feeling pretty miserable again.
pick up kids from school.
in the evening dave has to work, and i baby-sit the nighbors kids. me, 6 kids, and 2 plugged ducts from nursing only on 1 side. fever again.
and my cap falls off.

getting kids ready for school, and a guy comes to my door. starts telling me all about how his college wants him to meet families in peoria. especially families with young children. sorry for his strong accent, do i have 5 minutes to come out and listen to his presentation?
no, i don't- i politely tell him.
when is a better time? he asks.
maybe in the evening when my husband is home.
oh, your husband is not home? what time does he get home?

this freaking anyone else out???
after i shut the door on him (he seriously would NOT listen to me about not having time to listen) i take the kids to school, and then head back to the dentist. this time with the 2 little girls. they reglue the cap, and give me some denture adhesive in case it comes off again.

i make my way back to the school cause i volunteered for lunch and recess duty.
once again bringing 2 girls with me.

after that we make a trip to the grocery store, head home for naptime- during which i give the house a quick cleaning- then back to school to pick up the kids.

another evening alone while dave works (he's fixing a neighbor's deck) and at about 7:30, the guy comes back to my door. i don't answer. i call the non-emergency police number thinking i will just report it to make them aware. they tell me they want to send an officer over to talk to me.
my cap falls off again.
dave comes home, and we wait and wait for the officer, who finally shows up around 9:30. he says he found the guy and talked to him. he's selling magazines. hmm.....wish he would've just TOLD ME that instead of the whole "college telling him to meet families" thing....

we head to bed- me feeling much better about the safety of my children- dave telling me he thinks it's "cute" that i was worried enough to call the police.

i am finally feeling better- no more fever- and fall asleep for about an hour. then i wake up with that wonderful "i'm totally gonna puke" feeling. i end up puking twice. couldn't tell you what that was all about.

so that brings us to today-
wren has a fever. 102. she just wants to be held, and i really want to just hold her......but there are so many other things demanding my time and attention.

i'm feeling better, but my gum -where i had the root canal- is red, swollen, and throbbing. and my cap keeps falling off anytime i eat anything.
(i guess i should explain that i had a root canal done on one side and a cap redone on the other side. so i have problems on both sides.)
and eating is so not worth it. i think i'll just stick to ice cream for the next 5 weeks- which is when they put the permanent caps on.

the upside of it all......i can now button 2 pairs of pants that i couldn't button before monday.


  1. Seriously! My mouth was hanging wide open the entire time I was reading. Oh my dear. Do you not remember GNO when Em told us about those guys??? And wow- the teeth, and sickness, and kids sickness, and ...oh dear. Praying things clear up soon!

  2. Hey, was this guy blond and skinny and from a different country? If so we had what sounds like this same guy coming around the lake last year. Wierd.
    Hang in there, someday you can put them all on this really cool big yellow van tha pulls up outside you house and they take all of them, for the whole day!!!!
    Love you,
    A. Rachel