Monday, August 10, 2009

Lake Weekend

OW!!! ow ow ow ow ow.
this is why you should never get old- and why you should never try slolam water skiing when you haven't done it for like 5 years and when you're out of shape cause you just had a baby.
(i know, i know- i can only use that "just had a baby" thing for so long...)

i feel like i've been hit by a truck.

but we had a really fun weekend at the lake. we invited lots of people to come, and some stayed the whole weekend with us.

we swam, water skied and wake boarded, did the big water slide and the rope swing, and played some intense volleyball- so much fun.
i loved having a million kids there- and babies :)

i really wish i would have taken the time to take some pictures. but i was just too busy.
too busy having fun, holding babies, playing/helping with kids, cooking food, cleaning, and watching/dealing with tekoa- who's still working on one of those molars.
(i really am sorry about the knife punctures in the new seat you made for the mule, amy.
guess i wasn't watching her quite closely enough....)

speaking of tekoa....her latest trick at home is trying to climb on the banister over our stairs. because it's just so thrilling to balance 12 feet in the air over a staircase.
i don't know how she has lived as long as she has.

she is cracking me up today, though.
this morning i was nursing the baby, and she came up and asked me for some "brefthist". i told her wren was getting her breakfast first, and then it would be koa's turn. she gave me a really funny look and said, "I DON'T WANT TO NURSE!!"
and when she says it, it sounds like "nuth". so funny.

then later, shaeya was being punished for something (shocker, i know) and after her punishment she asked me for some gum. i told her she could have gum if she gave me a hug and said she was sorry first.
but before shaeya had a chance, tekoa ran up to me, threw her arms around me and said, "i'm so sorry, mom!"

one last one- i gave tekoa some raisins in a little bowl before her nap. she looked at them and said, "can i have too much, mommy? can i? please? can i have too much??"

so cute....but so exhausting- that pretty much sums her up.

but anyway- back to our weekend at the lake.
it was totally worth all the pain i'm in today.

and one of the highlights was my grandma going off the rope swing.
she's been lifting weights to gear herself up for her big jump.
way to go, grandma!

and katelyn and jordan- so fun to have you and the thames' with us this weekend. my thoughts and prayers are constantly with you both.

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