Monday, August 24, 2009

My Super-Fun Monday

well, of all the different ways i dreamed of spending my first full day with only 2 kids, this definitely was not one of them.

3 hours in a chair at the dentist getting a root canal.

but, when they called this morning and offered me 20% off my bill if i found a babysitter and came in today (a bill that was going to be $965.80) i decided to jump on it.

i told them i'd be in as soon as i found someone.

when i came walking in the office with no children about an hour later, they all started cheering.

for some reason i'm very well known there.
i guess not everyone usually brings all their kids with them to get their teeth cleaned?
i think it works pretty well.
i have one lying on my chest- one standing with her face about 2 inches from my mouth periodically cheering for me, asking what the doctor is doing, and yelling, "you're done!!!" everytime they pull away for a second- and 2 sitting on the floor completely zoned out watching cartoons.

i felt terribly guilty leaving the 2 little ones, especially when i wasn't even sure if wren would take the bottle of breastmilk i left with her, but 20%!!!
they know how to motivate me.

and then as they sat me in a chair, told me to get comfortable, and handed me a remote, i decided the kids would be just know- ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

it was going great til about the third hour when i started getting kida panicky. i was worried about the baby, and it was getting closer to 3 which is when i have to pick up the kids.
so as they were trying to get a good fit on the temporary cap, i just kept telling them it was fine.
it's fine....feels okay.....i gotta get going.

and now i get to live through the next 5 weeks not able to bite down all the way or chew very well......

so that's that.

here's a few random pictures i thought were cute.

this is wren and her best friend aubrey- they're 3 weeks apart :)

koa actually didn't start her day at 100 miles per hour this morning. i had to capture the moment.

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