Thursday, September 3, 2009


well things are finally settling down around here.

we are getting used to the school routine.....i definitely miss the simplicity of summer, but the kids are loving school.
it's a GREAT school. we are so very blessed that our kids can go to school and learn about Jesus.
i'm slightly intimidated by all that is required of me, but it's such a good thing for us to be involved and to help where we can.
dave is now the new "maitenence coordinator"
and i am the teacher.....
like i said- intimidating.
they say it's not a problem for me to just bring koa and the baby with me, but they don't know tekoa yet.

i was at the school the other night for a volunteer coordination meeting, and i talked to shaeya's teacher for awhile. she said she's having a lot of fun with shaeya, and that she says really funny things. i asked her if she's said anything about lions....

-she had her pre-school teacher last year so convinced that we had pet lions that she actually had to pull me aside and ask me if we did.
"you guys don' don't have.....lions, do you?"
"uh, no.....why?"
"huh- that's so funny......i didn't think you could but shaeya is REALLY convincing.
she said you kept them in cages.....i even tried to trip her up some days, but she keeps her facts so straight....she really sticks with the story...."

her teacher this year said no lion stories, but one day she did say that she had to go home cause she was baking brownies and they were burning ....(???????)

as for everything else- no more strange men coming to my door or calls to the police,
i think this morning was my last morning at the denitist (i'm pretty sure we got the problem fixed- being able to chew is something i'll never take for granted again),
and wren is fully recovered. her fever left her with her days and nights mixed up......wanting to nurse all night and not at all during the day, but we're working it out.

speaking of wren.....she is still growing SO FAST.
it is SO HARD to put away the newborn clothes- for good. :(

these are from this morning-

i know, i know- they all look the same but i just couldn't cut any of them.

we are looking forward to a long weekend at the lake, ending with a birthday party for tyden on labor day-
can't believe he'll be 8!
no more booster seats!!!!

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  1. Wren is so cute!! Love her big blues. Is life pretty crazy with four? I can't imagine. And love all the pics of all the grandkids!!