Friday, August 21, 2009

First Day Of School

i remember "yesterday" just before wren was born thinking that this could be a really busy summer for me.

seriously.....that's it? it's over?
HOW does that happen?
how is my baby almost 3 months old, and ty and shaeya are starting school?

it's been a blur of a day, starting at 6:00 this morning.
sweet little wren woke up hungry then, and shaeya came upstairs shortly after- excited and a little nervous.

we all had a nice morning together and actually made it to school on time. i guess things DO go more smoothly when you get up nice and early.....almost makes it worth it.

i took the kids inside and to their desks. i said good-bye to tyden, and gave him a big hug- then moved on to shaeya. she hugged me really tight, and neither one of us really wanted to let go. she leaned and whispered in my ear, "remember this morning when i told you i was a little nervous??....."
we both teared up, and i told her it was okay to be nervous. and that tyden was there with her and she could find him if she needed to.

well, when i came back to pick them up at noon, i asked shaeya how it went. she said she had tears in her eyes when i left, but she didn't really cry. and she had fun cause they have a REAL frog in her classroom.
and tyden had fun also- even though he is the ONLY boy in his's just his lot in life.

as we walked back to the car- such a picture perfect moment leaving the school with ty and shaeya beside me, wren in one arm, and a kicking/screaming tekoa in the other-shaeya looked up at me and said, "i just feel really grown up."

i don't know how i feel.....

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