Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back To Just 4

destiny's home now. it was a fun, but tiring week.
we had a lot of good times, and laughed a lot at the funny things they all said and did.

the kids and i stayed pretty busy during the days. we did lots of swimming- desi LOVED the swimming part. every morning she would wake up and say, "gut vonin! i git my spimmin svuit on!!!"
which translated into, "good morning! i'll get my swimming suit on!!"

and speaking of swimming suits.....

we went to a couple of different pools.

and then spent a day at the lake-

no skiing for me :) i still can't straighten one leg all the way.

monday night we went to a birthday party for my neice kali.
by this point desi was calling my mom grandma, too. so cute.

desi and koa were roommates for the week- they had fun going to sleep and waking up together.
i'd hear them having deep discussions in the mornings before coming to find me. :)

church was good, but it was sure hard to keep track of and feed them all.

then we had a nice sunday night dinner at mcdonalds :) with grandma and grandpa k.
it really was really nice. nice to let the kids run around. nice to have some adult conversation. nice to drink a big iced coffee.....

then yesterday we drove desi home.

it was sad to say good-bye, but it's good for me to have a few days to re-group and to get ready for SCHOOL which starts on friday.

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