Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tragedy At Breakfast

so, we picked destiny up last night.
such a sweety. i can't believe how much she's grown!
i was a little worried she'd be hesitant to come with us, but she hopped right in the van and said, "love you mom, go away."

we got home pretty late, and they all went right to sleep.

as dave and i lay in bed we were talking about a fish tank that my brother wants to give us.
i told him, "it sounds nice, but i don't know if i can handle the rat and a fish tank."
and dave said, "well let's just get rid of the rat."
to which i said, "i would love to, but the kids would be devastated. and shaeya just said this morning, 'our rat is sure living a long time, mom' . and i told her that yep, mom was doing great with this pet."
(if you remember from an earlier post- i don't have such a good track record with pets)

so then this morning........
the kids were all sitting at the table,

and i was cooking (yes, cooking) breakfast.
and tyden says, "mom, you better come look at ratty.....something doesn't look quite right."

i walked over, and this is what i saw.....
(because i just KNOW you would want to see it too)

nope- not quite right.

very sad- but i had to just laugh after all that talk about her yesterday.
i said, "oh! she's dead!!"
and tekoa and destiny thought that was very funny- they kept saying all day, "she's dead!! she's dead!! ratty's dead. she died and she's dead."

so then i did what anyone would do-
i took a picture of her, and then of the kids.

then i had to retake the picture of the kids and tell them that maybe they shouldn't smile, cause their rat had just died.

much better.

then i called dave to let him know-
and to make sure he had nothing to do with it.
(c'mon, the thought crossed your mind too).
and i set her cage out on the deck so we could finish our breakfast.

i really didn't mean to leave her out there and let her bake in the sun all day.
(no picture needed)

after all that drama we decided to head to the pool and meet up with some friends.

i make that sound so easy, but it actually took quite awile to get everybody ready and all our stuff together and our lunch packed.

as fast as i was getting things done, everything in the house was getting undone.
but we made it there eventually- (i should of taken pictures of what the house looked like as we walked out the door)
and we had a really nice day.

note to self- if you take a picture with water drops on the screen, they will show up on the picture


  1. Sorry about ratty. the kids look devastated! ;)
    Destiny is beautiful along with the rest of course!
    Hope the fish can survive!

  2. I love the pic of the kids smiling then not smiling with the dead rat. sooo funny!