Sunday, August 1, 2010

remember that crazy week i had? well let me tell you how it ended.

we spent a day at the lake with the thames' family on friday. and everything was going so well- we were all having a great time together. until...

my dad took tekoa and tess for a ride on the "mule" (our little jeep type thing) to take some garbage down to the dumpster. once they got there, he climbed off with the garbage and one of those little girls (can you guess who??) stomped on the gas pedal and drove the thing across the gravel road and right into a tree.

i still can't believe she did that.
they hit pretty hard. luckily tess was fine, but koa hit the side of her face on the gear shift.

it was pretty scary, cause she was in so much pain. her face was really swollen and bruised, and she was crying really hard.
then, once she finally settled down, she looked over at me and said, "mom, i'm gonna puke."
and i rushed her to the bathroom and she did.
poor thing. and then i was even more scared.
but i took brenda thames' advice to wait it out (she has 13 kids- 9 of which are boys. enough said) and i'm glad i did. she is fine. she is actually enjoying all the attention she has been getting and tells the story of what happened to everyone.

after all that drama friday night, koa and wren and i got up early on saturday to go pick up destiny. we drove to ottawa and then straight to washington for a birthday party. a cowgirl party.

pepper hung out here during most of the party. yes, we brought her with us, cause i was still feeling bad for koa and i thought it would help keep her mind off her injuries.

the party was fun, but after trying to keep track of des, koa, wren (who was into everything and always in danger because of the swings, the slide, the ladders, and the horses) and pepper (who was being overly loved by a hoard of little girls) for 4 hours i was seriously exhausted.

the rest of our weekend was great, and today has been too- apart from a big fat refusal from the gym.
i had planned for today to be the day. i was finally ready to sign on for a year, and i was looking so forward to working out.
i got up early, rushed everyone through breakfast, brushed teeth, did hair, got them all dressed and then loaded up in the van by 8:30.
we went into the gym and to the kid's room where they promptly told me that they couldn't watch destiny. that had not even crossed my mind.
so we went back home. i was pretty disappointed, but i'm over it now. we will have fun this week and the gym can wait.
the kids didn't want to go anyway. in fact, shaeya had tried to talk me out of it this morning. ("mom, are you sure you want to go to the gym?? it's an awful lot of work to haul all of us in and back out....) she is funny. and right.

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  1. you always keep me laughing! love the pretty new decorations on your page. :) btw this is kristin, not rodney