Monday, August 23, 2010

another saturday spent out at the lot.
can't wait til i can say "out at the new house" instead of "the lot." i think it's getting close- definitely losing it's "lotness" and gaining some "houseness"- i mean, just look at those WALLS. wood ones!!! and that beautiful basement floor.

many, many thanks to dave's dad, ron, who is our only help at this point. he has been coming out on saturdays to work with dave, and puts up with kids in his way and kids getting into his cooler and kids wanting him to hold them when he is hot and tired. thanks so much, ron.

of course i couldn't keep wren out this puddle, so i gave up and took off her wet clothes and diaper and let her play in it for awhile.

such a cute little white bottom, isn't it?
i would've said "little white butt" but remember, my grandma reads this. i think she actually prefers "heiny" if i remember right. :)

here's the neighborhood gang plus 1 of my nieces.
they are best friends already. can't wait til they are all running around in my yard.....while i'm reading a book by the fireplace on the porch.....sigh.

and now the latest family drama.....actually i think dave may have said something like "don't blog about this" or something. but since as of today it has all been resolved, i will briefly mention a few details. we just.....well.....lets just say that our new kitten was misplaced for a few days. she is back now and a little thinner but she is fine. she is totally fine. we are not kitten killers.

and we have also had some drama with school. they hired some new teachers at the last minute, so they are delaying the start of the year. it should've started today, but it won't be for 2 more weeks now.
tekoa started gymnastics today (so cute- and she LOVES it) and she starts pre-school tomorrow, so i've been a bit frustrated with only half my schedule starting. it's just going to be an awkward 2 weeks dragging all the kids with me to run tekoa back and forth. and i know ty and shaeya will be bored- especially with all their friends being in school. but it's just 2 weeks, right? before i know it they will be gone all day and it'll be too quiet around here. (at least that's what i'm telling myself...)

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