Thursday, August 5, 2010

it was still a good day despite some unfortunate happenings.

the 1st being a huge spill at breakfast time. and my futile attempts at keeping 3 girls at the table while they ate their breakfast.

still a good day even though as i cleaned up breakfast i had the misfortune of stepping in yet another spill. this one resulting in my feet flying out from underneath me and a very ungraceful fall onto the hard tile floor.

it was still a good day even though destiny peed her pants right after i cleaned up a "kitty accident" off of shaeya's twill pottery barn chair.
and even though wren got into the toilet twice.
and even though tekoa had an accident in her car seat on our way to help my parents move into their apartment.

and because that wasn't quite enough pee for one day (and grandma hasn't yet had her fill of the word "pee" in this post,) destiny peed her pants once more on the bathroom floor right before all the rest of the kids tromped in to brush their teeth before bed.

it was still a good day even though each kid (and dave and i) stepped into that pee. and as tekoa walked through she lost her balance and slipped right onto it giving herself a nice even coat of pee from head to toe.

yep, it was still a good day. i found many reasons to smile and laugh and kiss and hug and pray.
i am blessed and loved and ready to do it all over again tomorrow. :)