Monday, August 9, 2010

the latest updates around here-

*the kids went to vbs last week at my sister's in law's church.
it was tekoa's first time doing anything like that.
she screamed and cried when i left her the first 2 days, and then after that she did great. i figured it was a good opportunity to break her into it since it wasn't my church- nobody could roll their eyes and say, "that's michelle's kid."

but i had to laugh when i saw her name tag-

tokeo! i bet the teachers had a good laugh when they wrote out that tag. what kind of crazy mother does this little one have?? although i know some people probably think tekoa isn't that much better :)

here is tekoa's class on the last day. she's at the top looking to the right. doesn't she look too cute and grown up?

here they are in the shirts they made. all very proud of themselves.

and now, moving on...

*destiny went home on sunday.
we all miss her, but especially tekoa. she keeps saying, "mom, i think destiny is looking for me."
and now that des is home i have no excuse for not starting in on a very large amount of neglected housework. a mountain of laundry, bathrooms that don't smell quite right, a kitchen floor you would stick to, and toys everywhere you look. sigh.

*saturday we had a close call. the kids were playing all afternoon, and when it came time to get them in and cleaned up i rounded up 5 kids and no kitten. nobody had seen her for awhile.
i was exhausted and so ready to start bedtime preparations, but instead started a search for the cat. around the lake and the barn, up to the neighbors and back, underneath kitty. when it got too dark to see anything i took the kids in. shaeya was sobbing.

first thing sunday morning the kids were back outside looking with no sign of her.
after feeding and dressing some very sad and whiny kids and doing a lot of little girls' hair, i went outside to start loading des' stuff.
as i was trying to fit too much stuff in the back of the van, i heard a faint kitten cry. and then another.

we found her in a discarded tractor bucket. she looked a bit bedraggled and brown, but the kids were ecstatic. rejoicing, and dirtying up their sunday clothes by giving her lots of hugs and kisses. and exclaiming over how big she'd gotten since the night before :)
whew. close call. i will say once again that i am just not cut out to be a pet owner.

*i have made a few decisions for the fall and am feeling good about them. no gym after all (in the end the guilt of the $ and of leaving the kids for that hour won out.) tekoa will be in gymnastics on mondays and pre-school on tuesdays and thursdays.
spoiled girl. my other kids just stayed home with me till they were 4. but i think this schedule will be good for koa and i, and i decided i have to do this stuff while i still live in town- i may not do 4 yr preschool for her next year when we live farther away.

only 2 precious weeks of summer left.....which, sadly, will be filled with school supplies, birth certificates, pre-school physicals, uniforms, gym shoes, parent orientations, open houses, and earlier bedtimes.

*and the latest on the house.
not a whole lot happened last week, but the foundation walls did get poured, the forms stripped off, the tar sprayed on, and tonight dave is putting the footing tile around the inside of the basement walls.
next comes some underground plumbing, then grading the floor to get ready to pour the basement.

and i know this post is really long, (stalling on the housework thing, and feeling a bit lonely with the kids all asleep and dave gone) but here is a video of ty and shaeya. my dad gave shaeya his old ipod, and i let ty use mine, and this is what they did all afternoon. :)

i think we have some superstars on our hands. if we could only get shaeya some shorts that fit her and teach tyden the words....