Wednesday, August 18, 2010

to all single moms of 4:
i salute you.
okay- all single moms of any kind. your job is not easy.

i know, i do get to at least know i have a husband. and i get to see him for about 45 minutes each night.
usually about the time i'm just getting started in on recapping all my activities, conversations, and thoughts from the day he is starting to fall asleep. i cannot imagine why. i mean all of you are on the edge of your seats, right?
good thing i've learned after 10 years to not take it personally.

so i've decided that since sundays are our only day together and dave's only time to be with the kids that we are going to try to make the most of them.
this past sunday we took the kids swimming in the lake, then packed up dinner and bikes and went to the park. it was beautiful outside and we had a wonderful and relaxing evening together. we shot some hoops, (tyden showed both dave and i up- a sign that we are getting old and he is getting old...) went for a walk, played on the swings and the slides, and made some new friends.

shaeya's legs got tired- it's a common occurrence....

here's wren with her best friend....

she sure loves that kitty. it is not reciprocated.

[i am having trouble getting sound for this video, but i'm going to keep working at it- it's cute]

a few more pictures of wren- my baby that is less and less a baby every day....

and the house-

dave has been working like crazy to get the basement floor ready for cement. and the inspection of the floor was approved today, so it can be poured anytime. yay!!!

and just so you all know, i ran that wheel barrow for awhile on saturday. shoveling and moving the rocks in the sweltering heat. and i acquired 2 very painful blisters. just so everyone knows. i'm totally helping.

i'm not only there to bring food and take pictures and then sit and sip a diet coke over in the neighbor's air conditioning while the kids play in their yard. i'm not that kinda girl- at least i wasn't 4 kids ago....somebody has to watch them, right??

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