Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i am of the opinion that you can't truly appreciate a garage until you've spent some time grading the floor underneath it.

but i don't recommend doing it in flip flops.

we had a crew of help on saturday. it was awesome- we got so much done. and my mom took my kids for the afternoon so i could help too.

see that plywood on the left side? some of that was nailed on by yours truly- and dave only had to go back and pound a few nails back through.....i'm a little rusty with a nail gun. but not for long.

we are ready for floor trusses. they have been ordered and should come sometime this week.

shaeya and pepper. they fall asleep together every night.
so cute. and a whole week has gone by without any near death experiences for the cat so we're doing good.

wren is 15 months now and starting to throw lots of tantrums and clearly states her opinion about everything. without using any words. :)
i already miss just holding her- she always wants down.
she is very busy.

miss gymnast here. she is having the time of her life in gymnastics. she asks everyday if it's monday yet. she is very strong and has no fear so she's good at it- she just needs some work on following instructions and taking turns.....

and preschool is going great- she is already making new friends and tells me everyone's names. (she has this thing with names- she learns names really easily and does not forget them- she doesn't get that from me.)
and aidan is the one who pulls her braids. :)

i will appreciate preschool so much more when the older kids are in school-
and it starts on FRIDAY!
i have never been more ready.
usually i grieve the end of summer, but something about the 2 week delay, taking care of them on my own, driving all of them to and from preschool, and how bored ty and shaeya are lately makes me really ready for them to be in school.
bring on the rest of the schedule!

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