Thursday, July 29, 2010

my head is in a whirlwind this week. i feel like i am being stretched a bit thin and that i'm not able to do anything well. i've been pretty impatient with the kids and frustrated with the lack of time that i am able to spend with them.

at least they've got their new kitten -pepper- now, so they don't need me as much. except for wren who demands a lot of my time and attention these days. she's still working on her top 2 molars and she's cranky and a bit wild. she has discovered the toilet and everytime i my back is turned for a second she is playing in it or putting things in it. it is impossible for the kids and everyone else who comes to this house to remember to keep the door to the bathroom shut.

and besides the children-

we revamped our window order for the house this week to save on costs. big ordeal.

i had a showing of this house. i discovered i need a bit more than 4 hours notice to get the house and barn in order.

we took a trip to six flags with dave's family.

went to the visitation and funeral for jordan (always praying for you, katelyn- love ya.)

we had a dinner last night to discuss this year's team kid program for our church- that's the one i do the music for.

and i'm trying to make decisions for our schedule for the fall...gym? (did a week trial and now i'm having 2nd thoughts) preschool? (didn't do 3yr prescool for the other kids, but maybe i should for koa since her friends will be there?) gymnastics? (would koa do better with gymnastics than preschool?)

and i am picking up destiny this weekend to have her for a week. trying to figure out how to fit that 3 hour drive into my already busy weekend.

here are some pictures of the six flags trip. it was so much fun. probably would've been a bit more fun without tekoa peeing her pants in her carseat on the way there, wren puking in her stroller while we were there, and then tekoa having another accident (this one was not pee) in her pants right before we left.

(my grandma thinks that i mention pee and poop too much in my blog. but it just is what it is. a huge part of this job is dealing with pee and poop and puke and snot. and somehow i can handle it better knowing that eventually you all will read about it and find it entertaining. c'mon grandma, you know you think it's a little bit funny. or at least makes you glad it isn't you anymore...)

and in the midst of all the craziness i am litter training a kitten.
as you can see that is going really well...

and here are the most recent pictures of the lot. not too much going on there this week. the footings have been poured, and we are waiting on the foundation walls- they should be pouring them on monday.

hoping to be able to spend more time next week just hanging out with the kids and enjoying my time with destiny.

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  1. yeah for you that you got Dave to go with you! as for all of the poop, pee & puke not so fun.