Friday, September 3, 2010

miss first grader....

the school year has officially begun.
this morning went great, mostly cause we were all up early so we had plenty of time to get ready. and to take lots of pictures. :)

shaeya was a little hesitant to say good-bye, but it's just a half day so she knew she'd be okay. did i mention she's the only 1st grader? i think she's fine with that- her and ty are actually in the same classroom because 1st through 4th are together. 7 students in 1st through 4th.

everyone got a kick out of wren wanting to be like the big kids.
but they told me i couldn't leave her...??

they started off the school year with a devotion and some prayer time. the 3 teachers prayed out loud for each of their students- it was really neat. at least i'm pretty sure it was really neat. i spent most of that time in the bathroom with tekoa.

so nice to have 1 day of school, and then a nice long weekend at the lake.
i am ready for a schedule, but i will definitely miss these days.....

until next summer.....


  1. sure are some cute kids

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