Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Hard News

my tears are flowing as i prepare to write this post. i have been so positive and so full of faith and so sure that little drake was going to be just fine.
i think because dave and i faced the possibility and almost the surety of brain damage/learning disability/vision impairment with tyden and we got a miracle. God gave us a miracle, why wouldn't he give one to drake?

and now drake has a new diagnosis and my confidence is wavering a bit. we found out yesterday that he has CMV or cytomeglovirus. it's a common virus that most adults carry, but is very dangerous for a developing baby if the mother contracts it during pregnancy. it's like chicken pox in that most of us contract it before adulthood and then carry it without symptoms.

well, little drake tested positive for CMV and the list of symptoms and long term effects for affected newborns has my whole family a little shell shocked.
80-90% of these babies experience levels of mental retardation, vision impairment, and hearing loss. hearing loss being the most common.

i think we are all really struggling today and just waiting for the results of an MRI scan that was supposed to be done last night- but drake decided to kick off his IV right beforehand, so it will be done sometime today with results tomorrow.

we are still praying for a miracle. i do still believe that God is in control. i do believe he can heal.
please continue to pray.

dave and i spent part of our valentine's day date at the hospital holding drake and hanging out
with him and he just looks so good. he is so cute and tiny and perfect.

if any of you want more info or pictures i'm going to direct you again to my brother's blog-
he's got it all there.
once again, grab some kleenex.....


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  1. Thanks for the updates! This is so hard to accept and swallow. We're continuing to pray and hope for the best.