Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wise Words From A 5 Year Old

first of all, let me start by saying that i feel so amazing today. wren is better and i got 5 SOLID hours of sleep last night. i haven't slept for 5 hours without waking up since....well probably since before i got pregnant with wren.
i feel like i could conquer the world today- and i did the next closest thing. play date at my house :)
just me, 5 good friends and 14 little kids. and i should mention that 13 of the 14 were GIRLS. but it was great. so nice to catch up with everyone and discuss very important topics such as......what DID we talk about?? all i know is that there was never a quiet moment. :)

anyway, after the last of them left, shaeya helped me clean things up a bit. then i told her it was time to hop in bed for her nap (yes, some 5 yr olds still sleep 2 hours every afternoon).
she asked what i would be doing while she slept and i said, "well, i'll probably be on the computer for awhile, and then i'll workout."
to which she said, "mom, you should do the thing that you DON'T want to do FIRST, so then you can have more FUN when you do the thing that you WANT to do."

oh, shaeya. when did you grow up?

i LOVE that kid. she has been so funny and sweet and GOOD. some of you might not know, but she started out SO hard. she cried through her whole babyhood. she never let anyone hold her but dave or i. she closed her eyes when anyone tried to talk to her. she made tyden cry from VERY little on. she used to call him a "bad sister" or a "momma's boy" when she was 2. she was defiant, stubborn, demanding, and very opinionated. and boy could she scream- nothing was ever right for her.

but somewhere in the midst of the other pregnancies and babies and sleepless nights and tekoa demanding my attention.....she became this beautiful, helpful, sweet little girl whom i can't get enough of.
i wish i could spend a day with only her- i would love every minute of her constant dialogue of horses, hunting, and the kids at school.

the other night she was helping me cook dinner and she was feeling very important. she kept saying, "mom, did you just always wish you had a kid like me?? did you always want to have a kid that could help you make supper like i am??"
so cute.

well, i took her advice today and worked out first- and i'm glad i did. i'm having so much more fun doing the thing that i really wanted to do. :)

shaeya 6 mos.

......praying for you robbyn and holli

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