Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Happenings....

sometimes you just gotta get out. this is what prompted amy, katelyn, and i to take our girls on a little trip to the mall.

i don't understand WHY we kept getting funny (or maybe annoyed) looks from everyone there. 3 moms and 8 little girls......

wren is getting really close to crawling-
you know that feeling you get when a new stage is coming and you are excited for your kid, but so sad to see them growing so quickly? yea, that's me. pretty much everyday with wren.

my brother asked me the other day why it makes me so sad to see her grow- i pointed to tekoa and said, "cause i know what's coming..." but really, it's more about having a baby in my arms. i always want to have a baby in my arms- they will ache for it when the kids are all grown. but you have to quit having them at some point, right? i mean you have to. and i think 4 kids is good for us for now. i mean i think it is.....

it's so funny to find her in a different spot than where i put her down.
.....good thing my kitchen floor is so clean. it's a great place for her to hang out- and i definitely did not use my photoshopping skills to edit out all the crumbs and food on the floor by her....

if only this was a little more effective maybe i wouldn't have that problem :)

dave and i spent saturday night babysitting for 2 different families at the same time.
what's a few more, right? it was fun. we fed them a very nutritious dinner (in case their parents read this...), bathed them, and attempted to put them all to bed- which was more for our benefit than theirs, cause not many of them fell asleep until right before they got picked up to go home.

so cute- you've gotta click on this one to check out this girl's eyelashes.....ridiculous :)

so we've had this "piddle pad" (that is it's real name) in wren's car seat for about 2 months. it's for those diaper explosions she's so good at. it goes in the seat and it absorbs on one side and is waterproof on the other.
2 months. and she's never needed it. this girl was always peeing/pooping in that car seat, and as soon as we put the piddle pad in it she stops.
and then the other night, she leaked through just a little. and i was actually glad she did- just, you know, to make the piddle pad worth it.
and so i could finally say to dave, "aren't you so glad we bought that?"

so, being the good little mommy that i am, i promptly removed the piddle pad and threw it in the hamper so i could wash that little spot of pee off it.
and the very next time we used the car seat (which was this morning-piddle pad still in the hamper) wouldn't you know- she peed through her diaper- i mean peed. like a gallon. through the diaper, her clothes, her bundle me blanket, and the car seat. and even a little through the base and onto the seat of the van. just gotta laugh, right?

koa (i mean chakaweeka -she now calls herself chakaweeka?) being her crazy self :)

wren's first bath without the bumbo. she loved it.
speaking of the doesn't get much use anymore, but i just can't bring myself to put it away.

that's it for now. tonight is our "upstairs performance" at church, where all the kids and i perform our songs for the whole church. i'm a little nervous about how it's all going to go.....

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  1. i had to giggle at the floor comments...was she stuck to it? then it wasn't that bad right? The funny thing was the other day i took some puppy pics on my floor and had to do the same thing...and my white cupboards...don't even get me started!
    oh yeah, and if you really are going to quit w/4 maybe YOU should start rocking babies at the hospital right away?