Wednesday, February 17, 2010


waiting today for those test results, but drake's doctor is feeling pretty positive about the outcome.
he thinks because drake's liver and spleen haven't suffered any damage that his brain may be all right also.

we are waiting to see..... please God, give us a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!
these pictures are from last night-

doesn't he look great??

and as for the goings on around here.....
the kids think i've lost it, i'm sure. crying about anything and everything, on the phone and computer quite a bit, and NO PATIENCE for the constant fighting, whining, and boredom.

they are BORED out of their minds and i keep telling them that if they have all these toys and each other, and still can't find anything to do, then the problem is with them.
they need to get outside already!!!!

okay we did get out on sunday cause the sun was shining and it actually wasn't like below zero or anything- and we created this masterpiece.

but it's just not enough. and dave is working tonight, and has a late meeting tomorrow night so it will be a long week for me.

but anyway, moving on- this is what my kitchen table looked like on friday night- just thought i'd show you.

oh wait, 2 more....

so fun. we had a few friends over for a game night and with a few friends comes like a million kids. LOVE IT!!

all right i've gotta get to school now for music- hopefully we have some good news soon.....


  1. I love the bags over Tyden's shoes! And we won't stop praying for baby Drake and the whole family!

  2. yea, he left his snow boots at school so we improvised :)

  3. I remember those days when just a few couples over meant the adults were out numbered. Good times! Drake looks so much like Nate. Praying!

  4. thanks for hosting! we had a great time!