Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Day For The Girls

since everyone loves the thumb pictures.....
-especially for you, amanda :)

we had a fun day the other day at my aunt rachel's.
the kids held little husky puppies, ate lunch and decorated cupcakes, and then jumped in the hot tub.

they had a blast. there were 10 little girls 5 and under.....

i don't want to speak too soon, but i think we may be turning a corner.

i think tekoa is finally slowing down, calming down, and thinking a little before she acts/climbs/jumps.
i think she's just growing up a bit (she'll be turning 3 in march) and starting to think about consequences before she acts.

i don't know, it just feels like things have been going pretty smoothly around here lately.

and wren has been sleeping a little better. she's going 6 or 7 hours without nursing at night. she's still up every 2 or 3 hours, but she's actually been going back to sleep without nursing. it is wonderful.
but, i had shaeya wake me up in the middle of the night the other night which is very rare. tyden is in our room at the first hint of a raindrop (he's terrified of thunderstorms), but shaeya isn't afraid of much.
i pulled her in bed and held her the rest of the night (which i loved- she's growing so fast, and just doesn't need me very much anymore...)
and in the morning i asked what happened and she said, "i wasn't scared, mom, i had a bad dream and i just couldn't snap out of it."
so cute.

dave and i are going to try going out with the kids tonight. we may be asking for disaster, but i'd like to eat out somewhere other than mcdonalds, and try to do a little shopping.
i'm sure we will end up saying at some point (or at multiple points) that it just isn't worth it (like we do every time,) but sometimes you just gotta get out.

is it spring yet??

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  1. MY, those puppies are just SO ADORABLE....and the girls are pretty cute too:)
    so fun, wish i could do it once a week! The best part is that I get to have the fun...and then send them all HOME!:)