Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No More Cooking For Me....

so in a recent post i had deduced that showering was both overrated and dangerous. and now i must add cooking to my list of overrated and dangerous activities.

here's why:



so if you can't tell (pictures just can't always capture the horror) i completely severed the tip of my thumb yesterday- including part of my nail.
with the lid of a can of all things.
it was pretty traumatic for shaeya, who was helping me get dinner in the crock pot.
she cried. and prayed for me. and brought me the camouflaged "hunting" band-aid.
something about the tip of my thumb just hanging to the side and the sink filled with blood really got to her.

yea, i should of taken pictures before i shoved it all back together but i was a little queasy myself.
i thought i was gonna have a deformed thumb forever, but then i put it all back together and it's actually healing nicely. just slows down my typing a bit, and hinders my ability to play guitar for music at school and church, and makes it really hard to tie little shoes and do little girl's get the idea.
i just don't know what's gonna happen with that chunk of nail that is cut off from the rest of the nail, but still attached to the skin which is sealing back on to my thumb- sigh.

everything else around here is going pretty well- except for this weather that is keeping me home tonight when i had plans to visit a good friend who just got engaged. this was actually our 2nd attempt at getting together- the 1st was planned for the last time we had snow and ice. we really know how to pick the nights.....

and then wren- i'm still battling her for sleep. i keep trying to get her to eat food to help fill her up, so she will sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. but all my efforts are in vain. it all tastes just awful to her as you can see in this video.

i think the sleepless nights and the lack of sunshine are doing a number on me. i'm tired. and getting overwhelmed by all that is required of me. and my house looks like it exploded.

if i could just get a good night's sleep and sit in the sun for awhile i know i'd be doing better- i just know it :)


  1. Did the soup taste good as least? I could hardly look at those pics! yuck.


  2. Leave it to jen to worry about how the soup!
    Anyway, yeah that's gross, and your little butterball aka "wren", time to let her cry it out...that girl is NOT starving:)!!!
    ~Your fav. aunt.