Monday, January 25, 2010

A Week Later

it's been almost a week since my "chop my thumb off" incident and today is the first day that it actually feels like it's healing. of course, it hasn't helped that i've repeatedly ripped it back open.

lookin better, isn't it?

and the next picture is of another source of pain.

that tooth.
i almost wrote "that dang tooth" but then i erased it. you use a word once.....

anyway, she really knows how to use that thing.
i think it's funny that there's only one- not that i want the other one to come in anytime soon.

and here she is, showing you her latest skill. she's starting to get herself up on her hands and knees for a second (it's a big body to lift for too long.)

please take your time with the whole crawling thing, wren. i'm really not ready for that.

right now is one of those very rare moments when all 4 of them are in the toy room together and they're all laughing and having a great time. it's wonderful. it won't last long.

it's so cute how wren's face lights up when tyden and shaeya walk in the door after school. she just LOVES them. and they think that everything she does is so funny.

i have to admit that i've been incredibly LAZY today. i'm feeling a little guilty. but seriously, this is the first day in a VERY LONG TIME that i don't have anything major to get done.
the house is clean, i'm caught up on laundry and songs for music and baby books. i even touched up on some painting around the house over the weekend. and i cooked last night (yea, i guess i can't really quit that) so we're having leftovers tonight, and there are no major projects going on for the i'm feeling pretty free.

of course, i should've worked out, cleaned out some cupboards, came up with a song list for the kids at church- our "upstairs performance" for the whole church is coming up, and i should've called the nursing home back cause they want me to come and sing there sometime, but i decided all that can wait for tomorrow.
i sat on the couch all day and held wren while tekoa pretended to be a puppy and did tricks for me. it was fun. it was wonderful, actually.

oh, and i took some pictures :)

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