Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Annual Slumber Party

we're gearing up around here for our annual little girl's slumber party......i know it may sound crazy, but i think it's a lot of fun. and so do the girls. there'll be 7 counting mine- from age 2 - 6. and they are SOOO excited. and making lots of, painting nails, watching "the black stallion" (with no prompting/forcing on shaeya's part), and sleeping in a (indoor) tent- are just some of what i've heard from them.
tomorrow is the big day- it's been one agonizingly long week for shaeya. :)

so in addition to cleaning, cooking, breaking up fights, teaching music at school and at church, laundry, trying (but mostly failing) to keep up with my work outs, planning a girl's night here for my cousins, never-ending dishes, shopping for a mattress for shaeya's new bed, helping tyden with homework, family night with my family, a birthday party for my niece, listening to shaeya's running dialogue about their plans, keeping up with koa (who emptied every drawer in her room during her nap the other day), and nursing wren around the clock this week, i am also planning the slumber party.

but i'm telling you- it'll be fun. and worth it.
and then on saturday night i get to unwind/regroup on a date with my wonderful husband.
i can't wait.

and putting the house back together will just have to wait until monday.....

oh yea, and one important part of my week that i forgot to mention-
the beginning of the new season of american idol. i look forward to it all year. and this is my first year that i have a dvr and can watch it all on my terms with no commercials or kids yelling during the performances. thanks dave!!!!!! ......he really is wonderful.

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