Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Fun City Trip

here are some pictures from our trip- i know there a little overdue but i have been really busy.
and really tired.
i'm trying to get wren to sleep in her crib at night instead of in the cradle by our bed and it's not going so well.

anyway, we had a really good time at fun city. it was so great to have time with the family and to catch up with my cousins and aunts.

the kids had fun also- as you can see from the pictures :)

okay this one was actually before we left- but i thought it was cute. and funny. i walked into the livingroom and found them like this :)

there wasn't much sleeping involved in this little set up....:)

miss livie- she's wishing her aunt michelle was holding her instead.

you gotta love a fat girl in a little bikini :)

this video was from the drive home. wren was a little slap happy. i caught the tail end- it had been going on for quite some time before i finally dug out the camera :)

but that's it for now- i'm beat. and i'm ready to sit down with my husband and relax for a bit.

i have just one story to tell before i sign off.
today i stepped out of the shower to find tekoa standing there in my bathroom.
with the scissors. wide open and all poised to cut a huge chunk of hair off the side of her head.
i caught her just in time- about 2 more seconds and she would've chopped.
i tell you....showering is just overrated- and dangerous.

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