Monday, September 21, 2009


someone asked me yesterday if i had everything under control.
i laughed.
i have nothing under control- i'm just along for the ride.

we went to a picnic for the kids' school last night. and we had a great time.

and i don't think anyone even noticed that my dessert was a plate of pepperidge farm cookies
(the pie i had planned on bringing would've had to have been eaten with straws)
or that i attended the picnic with only my 2 big toes painted dark purple.

well, i really hope no one noticed these things.
i mean if i didn't notice my toes, than surely no one else would've.

don't worry yourselves over that pie, though. i fished baking it last night after we got home, and it made for a delicious breakfast this morning.

but yea, about that control thing.....
i'm just happy if i can be where i'm supposed to be when i'm supposed to be there. and have nothing too startling going on with my appearance........which brings to mind the time i recently mistook my mascara for lip gloss-
hey, those tubes are about the same size.

and this week is the beginning of our wednesday night TEAMKID program at our church.
this year i asked if they could at least find one more person to help with music so i wouldn't have to be there every wednesday.
i want to do it, but at this point- with school and music for school and a baby (and a crazy 2 yr old who is actually much more of a problem than the baby)- every week is just too much commitment.
so i think it's every other wednesday night for me.
we'll see how it all goes......and if i can keep it all together.

*speaking of the crazy 2 yr old- she just came up to me with a mouth full of candy and drool all down her shirt and said, "hey mom, can i have some of these candy??"

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