Thursday, September 24, 2009

Missing Glasses

my house is a wreck. i really sould be cleaning instead of blogging......but let's not dwell on that.

i'm highly frustrated because my glasses are missing. they are always right here by the computer. of course just about everyother time i put them on they are a whole new kind of mangled/twisted/bent.
i absolutely know who's doing it, but i have yet to catch her in the act.
but now they are gone.
so the first thing i did (learning from past experience- more on that later) was just ask koa if she knew where they were.

"oh......they're upstairs in the drawer."

well they're not. and i've been following her for days hoping she'll lead me to them, but no luck so far.
i just know they are at the bottom of a bin of toys or in a little purse somewhere.

but, it's all reminding me of the time my keys were missing.
funny story (now, anyway).

we had just bought the "short van" and had only one set of keys.
and one morning as i'm racing out the door with 4 yr old tyden and 2 yr old shaeya, i realize they are gone.
so my day came to a halt, and i started my search for the keys.

by the end of the day i called the car dealership, and they said the only thing we could do is have the van towed to them, and then they could make another set. for around $150- $200.

i told them i would just keep looking. i knew they were in my house somewhere.

3 days later i was about to lose my mind.
the kids just kept following me around, begging me to play with them or to go somewhere.
and i kept telling them i couldn't do either cause i was looking for the keys.
we said lots of prayers together for help finding those missing keys, and for mommy not to take her frustration out on the children.

finally my mom offered to come over and help me look for them- maybe a fresh perspective would help. so she came with a friend and started in.
we looked in every imagineable spot- which had all already been looked in by me the 3 days prior.

then my mom peeked her head out of shaeya's room and asked if i had ever asked shaeya where the keys were.
i said, ", but she sure knows that i'm looking for them."
and my mom said, "well, i just asked her and she said that they're in the stroller."

"what stroller?? all the strollers are in the garage!" and they were, except for one umbrella stroller that had been sitting in the entryway all folded up for a few days.
but i had already looked all around it, and had even lifted it up and checked underneath it- a few different times.

my mom walked over to it, lifted it up, popped it open, and sure enough- there they were sitting right in the seat of the stroller.

what could possibly have been going through her little mind??

and that brings us back to today and the missing glasses. i'm pretty sure that tekoa knows right where they are, it's just trying to get it out of her that is frustrating. highly frustrating.

in the meantime i'll just keep squinting my way through life, and trying to remember that someday it'll just be another funny story.

in case you can't tell- that's shaeya at 2 yrs old....looking way too cute and innocent :)

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