Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too Much Bumbo......

only #4.........i was helping ty with homework.....

ahh! she looks SO grown up- 4 months today.
so sad for me.

then there's shaeya... learning (finally- her legs get tired) how to ride a 2 wheeler,
and thinking a BOY at school is just so cool.
seriously- this starts in kindergarten???
dave about choked on his lunch the other day when she asked, "dad, do you wish you looked like blake? he has really cool hair!"

and dave had his first night alone with all 4 kids while i went to the hospital to visit bethany and her new baby santana.
when i went to change the baby the next morning this is what i found...

i'm sure there are lots of people (i mean dads) who would duct tape a ripped daiper tab.

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