Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And She's Down

i seriously don't even know where to start. it's been one of those weeks.
with sickness and sleep deprivation- falling and finger slamming- an off and on, half-hearted attempt at organizing 3 girls worth of clothes and fitting them all in one closet- crying and coughing and complaining (from the sick girls, not me)- and trying to remember and stick to our new schedule that includes me helping at school 2 days a week (bringing wren and koa with me) and one of those days being music class led by this sleep deprived, half put together mom.

and that was just monday through thursday.

then i got sick. very annoyingly sick. fever of 103, sick to my stomach, and light-headed.
very light-headed. so light-headed in fact that at one point i got up out of my cocoon of blankets and shivered my way into the kitchen to get myself some ibuprofin, and woke up on the floor in a puddle of the water i had been holding. with tekoa standing over me yelling, "i got your medicine mom, i found it for ya!" her little fingers holding my 2 pills which must have went rolling when i lost consciousness. i was really glad she didn't decide to eat them.

so that was my weekend and so far this week we're all doing much better. it's a lot less hectic around here. and my house no longer looks like there was an explosion in the girls' room. and i had a 3 hour and 15 minute stretch of sleep last night- which is the longest i've had for weeks.
so i'm feeling pretty good.

and i'm looking forward to music tomorrow because it really was a lot of fun last week, AND the children gave me some rave reviews.
one mom asked for my autograph because i'm now famous in her house.
i'm so glad they liked it. and so relieved- i was feeling very underqualified and inadequate, but if the kids are having fun then that's all i need.

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