Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend At Norris Lake

here are our pictures from the weekend. we had a great time hanging out with our families.
we did alot of relaxing, played games, sat around the fire, fished, swam, and laughed at all the funny things the kids did and said.

i kept telling myself that probably no one had cleaned any fish in this sink....

the cousins on my side of the family minus the 2 babies
(and there are 2 more on the way)

can you find the big kid in this picture?

i think i figured out who wren looks like.....

the cousins on daves side- again minus 2 babies
this is tekoa, mateo, josiah- born in march, april, and may

tyden had a great birthday- he was just sad to see it end
"so that's it 'til next year then, huh?"

and 2 videos

tyden and shaeya on the waterslide

dave's backflip on the rope swing.....i'm only a little jealous that he can do this and i can't......YET

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