Monday, January 2, 2012

dave and i decided that Christmas with 5 kids is really something.
and we also decided it will be better next year.....or maybe the year after.....
it probably didn't help that we had 5 Christmases in 4 days.
and that by the time we got to the last two the kids were running on too little sleep and too much sugar.

but we had some truly beautiful moments mixed in with the chaos.
and it was nice to reflect on where we were last year at Christmas time-
living at my parent's house, dave and i hardly seeing each other, the new house was just stud walls, and we had only 4 children and noooo clue that we were about to be blessed by another.

yes, God has brought us a LONG way from where we were then.

here are some of our captured Christmas moments......

my birthday night out with the girls :)

betcha didn't know that applebees has karaoke on thursday nights.......i didn't either til that night....

baking cookies at grandma's

Christmas with my mom's family-
my mom was chosen to dress up as santa this year and wren was TERRIFIED of her. we could not convince her that it was her grandma.
luckily tekoa was looking out for her. :)

neiko loving on his daddy-

wren being comforted by her older cousin willow :)

i was impressed by tekoa's coloring and laughing at her choice of picture- it's usually all princesses and flowers and ponies with that girl

shaeya couldn't wait to show this shirt to "the boys" (her uncles)

and tekoa has hardly taken this outfit off since Christmas eve....

wren loving on mommy :)

and horseback riding!!!

this is aunt sally with neiko.
she is the one who found him for us. or actually found us for him. :)
truly amazing. such an awesome thing to watch them interact with each other.
and sally took pictures of him to show his grandma when she gets back home.

shaeya showing us all her vaulting skills. made grandma a little nervous :)

in case you were wondering how many little kids you can fit on a horse at one time.....

me with lexi, the baby i watch in the afternoons-

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