Friday, January 6, 2012

i seem to be one step behind this crazy january weather.
i bundle us all up really nicely on the 60 degree days and have us going out in jacketless on the 20 degree days. but who has time to check the forecast everyday??

so let's talk about today.

today, thanks to the 60 degree weather, there is a guy here working on our yard. we may be getting our sod laid over the next 3 days. who would've thought we could lay sod in january?

today, also, was tekoa's first day of preschool.
i made an impulsive decision over Christmas break to enroll her.
she's been pretty bored at home lately and the "homeschooling" has been almost non-existent.
we say about tekoa- "she can't write her name or recognize her numbers, but she can climb real good." :)
she's got the large motor skills down- she can climb the big rope at gymnastics all the way to the top. she can almost do a back walk-over, she can do a handstand on the rings, but she's pretty behind with anything school related.
i had kept her home because of the move, the distance to school, to avoid having 3 kids at 2 different schools plus 2 babies at home, and to avoid having to be in town in the morning, noon, and afternoon.
but guilt took over and she is now in school once again. and she is sooooooooo happy about it. only made sweeter by the fact that she has 2 cousins and 1 good friend in her class.
it was the right thing to do- but i have a bit of anxiety thinking of the commitment i just made. it's just 5 short months. that's it. 5 months. i can do it.

today i got 3 kids off to 2 different schools :), went to the gym with my sisters, taught music at ty and shae's school, went and picked up tekoa and 2 of my nieces from preschool, and then drove back to ty and shae's school to do my weekly cleaning of the girls bathroom.

and today, while i did all that, i was planning and organizing our annual little girl's slumber party. which is also today.

so our annual slumber party is for shaeya and tekoa and their cousins and is usually during Christmas break.
but, unfortunately, we had the flu running through our kids from after Christmas until last wednesday.
now i know there is never a convenient time to have puking children, but these guys did a good job of getting it right at the wrong time.

the first was wren, who during my hosting of a rare girl's night with old friends from high school, came stumbling down the stairs half asleep, crawled into my lap, and promptly started puking. put a pretty swift end to the girls night.
then poor tekoa, who had been counting down the days til her first day of school (which was supposed to be wednesday), got it the night before and had to miss her first day.
and shaeya, of course, started puking the night before the slumber party (which was planned for last monday). we had to cancel and reschedule for tonight.
tyden also missed his first day back at school.

but thankfully, all that is behind us.

now back to the slumber party-
so, usually for the cousins, and usually during Christmas break- but since we had to reschedule we planned it for the next available friday night (tonight), 3 days after school restarted.

so then shaeya informed dave and i last night that at school that day she had invited all her school friends to come to the party too.
of course, i told her that she should've asked me before she invited them. and then i told her that the party was for her cousins and some of them might be uncomfortable with her school friends being there.
to which shaeya said, "mom, finding a friend is like finding a treasure. it would be a treasure for my cousins to become friends with my school friends."
dave and i just looked at each other. neither of us had any kind of argument for that logic....

but i thought maybe if i just didn't say anything that nothing would come of it. then when i got to the school today, the "school friends" were anxiously waiting to see if they could come or not.
hence the last minute planning during the craziness of my day.

we have 4 of them here tonight and i'm really glad they came.
everyone is getting along really well, and they are all having a blast.
13 girls total.
i painted 130 nails tonight and put in 10 little braids.
we sang karaoke and ate pizza and the girls are now watching a barbie movie with dessert to follow.

and i better sign off now cause the movie is winding down.
pictures soon to follow! :)

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