Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our caseworker came over today for a visit.
She needed to update our home study and to approve us for an adoption license.
Everything went really well- the kids were really good and we actually had a lot of fun just playing with them and chatting about life.
She was shocked at how much Neiko has grown :)

He had a doctor appointment yesterday and he is 27 lbs and 34 inches. 80% for weight and 93% for height.
He is just a tad behind on speech and fine motor skills- nothing that concerns his pediatrician- but I think I'm going to have him screened through an early intervention program. I just want to be sure he's doing okay. It's so hard to tell for me- especially because I'm coming off of 3 girls in a row who were super talkative and social at his age.

But back to the visit-
Our caseworker told me our case is being processed with ICPC right now and should be done by Friday. Then we schedule our adoption hearing as long as we don't hear anything from Neiko's birth father.
She says we are on the tail end of things- which is just wonderful!

Our adoption license is good for 4 years as long as we have a home visit every 6 months. And she tells me it's pretty easy to get foster licensed if you already have an adoption license.
All of that is exciting to us and we look forward to seeing what God has in store in the years to come!

Our other news is that we are going on a family vacation at the end of the week!!
My parents are taking the entire family (25 of us) on a cruise.
We will spend the weekend in New Orleans (Neiko should feel right at home!! :) going to the zoo, an aquarium, and sending the guys off on a day long fishing trip.
Then our ship leaves on Monday for Cozumel and the Yucatan.
It'll be pretty crazy for Dave and I and our kids, but it'll be well worth it for a break from routine and for the sun!!!
I'm looking the most forward to the beaches and the kids are hoping to swim with dolphins in Cozumel.
Wren talks nonstop about going on a "big boat," Tekoa and Shaeya are excited to be with their cousins for a whole week, and Tyden lives for any time spent with his grandma- although he is a bit nervous about thunderstorms while we're out on the ocean :)

The only thing I'm nervous about is seasickness cause I have extreme motion sickness and I've never been on a cruise before.
But I'm sure Dave will do JUST FINE with all the kids if I happen to get really sick.......

Here's to packing for 7 and a 12 hour drive with 5 kids on Friday! :)
Anything for the sun and a beach!

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