Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm very, very excited to tell you all that after 9 months of waiting we finally have progress on the horizon!!
Our lawyer called yesterday to tell us that the head of ICPC for Arizona was finally presented with our case. And they seem to think that because of the length of time that Neiko has been with us that there is no need for us to go to court for full guardianship in Arizona.
The head of ICPC for Illinois has agreed.
Which is WONDERFUL news!!!!
It simplifies and expedites the entire adoption process.

Our Phoenix lawyer is meeting with Neiko's birth mom on Tuesday to sign papers.
I think she is signing adoption papers. From what I gather that will give us what we need to set up our court date for adoption here in Illinois.

What an amazing experience. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that he will be my son. Just the same as the others. And that he will be their brother just as if by birth. That he will have our last name.
Such an amazing, beautiful concept.
Such a gift.
Such a blessing.
Such a life altering event for all 7 of us. But especially for one gorgeous, cuddly, smiling, curly haired little boy.
My soon-to-be son.

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