Thursday, January 12, 2012

first day of preschool!

and pictures of the big party! :)

soooo remember my last post about the flu and it's bad timing??
let's talk some more about the flu and bad timing.....
like a house full of little girls (10 that slept over) with just ONE MOM. one mom.

i had had a few dizzy spells that day but didn't have time to think much of it. til about 9pm that night. with the party in full swing. and it hit full force.
i have never pushed through a sickness like i did that night.
there was no way i could just crawl in bed, so i forced myself through the evening sweating and shaking (and puking once) and washing my hands A LOT :)

i thanked Jesus that i felt better by the morning. and it was an eaaaaarly morning with those girls! :)
but it was alot of fun. more singing and coloring and eating and laughing.....

neiko loves to watch the fish. and he says, "fishy" now. and "up, drink, tractor, shoe, and blankie."
i LOVE seeing him learn!!!

he also "learned" how to unroll the toilet paper and run through the house with it.
and of course this happened right as a grandma came to our door to pick up one of the girls from the sleep-over.

and here is my vain little princess. she is starting to WANT me to curl her hair. and take her picture. so foreign. shaeya would rather DIE than have her hair done or play dress up.

this is how she was entertaining herself the other day before her gymnastics class-

that takes some major ab muscles!! :)

tough guy with his tattoo.....

and his baby :)

guess what? we have grass!!
we got a whole half of a yard before the harvester broke down and the snow came.
so we have half....i mean half is better than none, right?
i'm sure the kids will know to play only on the grass side. sure of it.

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