Thursday, March 31, 2011

Potty Training

i really, really should be sleeping right now. i just haven't been doing enough of that lately.
so i'm going to try to fire this out quickly so i can get to bed.

things are as crazy as ever around here.
this week has flown by in a blur of the usual plus preparing for a big fund raiser garage sale that i am helping my sister with, meeting to finalize cabinets for the house, science fair projects, and potty training....

yes, i am potty training wren.
i kept waiting for a low-key week to start on and then i decided i was just never going to have one of those. AND i bought 2 one-piece potty chairs at ikea last weekend and figured we might as well put them to use.
so i dove in on monday. we are 4 days in and wren is doing great.

i'm one of those abnormal moms who actually doesn't mind potty training. because of that i get a lot of people asking me how i do it- not that i have all the answers or any amazing tricks- i just don't find it as tortuous as some.

i like to get it done before they are old enough to realize they can use this as an area of control over me- wren turned 22 months on tuesday.
and this will seriously bore some of you, but here's my recap.

monday i took the diapers away and put her in underwear. i gave her lots to drink, and she went on the toilet three times and on the floor about 7 or 8 times :) she understood what i was trying to tell her about going on the toilet and would get very frustrated with herself when she had an accident. which is a great start!!

tuesday was frustrating because i had a really busy day and i was hardly home so i had to put her in pull-ups (which i HATE to use- they undo everything you work for) for most of the day.

wednesday i was helping with the garage sale but sticking with the underwear. she had quite a few accidents and only peed in the toilet once before dinner. after dinner i had some free time so i gave her a lot to drink and then we played together. and sometime during that time it clicked with her. she started saying, "i potty now" when she had to go. and every time she made it to the toilet she got 2 m&ms and a very happy, excited mom. a few of those times she was only going for the treat and the praise, but hey, that's fine with me :)

today was great. she hadn't had an accident since dinner the night before, so i took her to our meeting with the cabinet maker in her undies- with a little bit of confidence that she would do ok. and she did just fine. only 2 accidents today and one pee on the potty chair with her clothes still on :) a very good day. she is getting it and she is very proud of herself.

here's a picture of where i found tekoa and wren tonight as i was trying to get us all loaded in the van...

things are moving along on the house. the siding is almost done, the shingling is finished, carpentry work on the inside is pretty well caught up, the furnace is set and waiting to have the wires run, waiting for parts to finish the plumbing, and about 1 more full day of electric work to go yet. and then we will be ready for inspection. and if that goes well we can start on insulation and then dry-wall.

i am trying very hard to hold everything together, but i just can't seem to get all things running smoothly at once. i have to keep working on just a few things at a time so that the whole picture comes out ok.
does that make sense??
it's hard for me because i have a really hard time letting things go. i want to do it all and do it right and do it right when it needs to be done. but i'm not sure that it is even possible.

thankfully i have a SAVIOR who will fill in the gaps for me and help me to be all things to all people.

and now my tired, scratchy, pink-eye filled eyes are refusing to stay open any longer....

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