Thursday, April 7, 2011

the potty training has been a BREEZE.
wren was the easiest of my kids to train by FAR :)
she has only had 1 accident this week, and that time she told me she had to go, but i was too busy to take her. so it was kind of my fault.

she is growing up so fast! for some reason taking away the diapers seemed to take away some of her babyness. which is a bit sad for me....

my house is a wreck today.
i really should be cleaning, but i am ALWAYS cleaning. cleaning and cleaning and never getting anywhere.
and my VAN. i took it in today to have some work done on it and i was SO EMBARRASSED at the state it was in.
i'm secretly hoping that it'll come back a little cleaner than i left it....

all right, before i get too far into my complaining, i am going to stop and make a list of the positive things i have going on.
here goes...

1. i turned in 2 excellently done science fair projects today. i did a really good job on them and i (i mean ty and shaeya, of course) should get really good grades for them.

2. thankfully, i kept a few of my jeans that were 1 size bigger. i am SO GLAD i did that. very positive thinking here.

3. my neighbor, ken, has been driving tyden and shaeya to school for me on thursdays. i am so happy for my kids that there is one day every week that they are guaranteed to be at school ON TIME.
.....i wonder if they ask him (like they do me) "are we late today??" everytime he pulls up to the school.....

4. tekoa wants so badly to be big enough to sleep without a pull up at night. i've been letting her try. the positive here is that at least one of my kids goes to bed on clean, freshly washed sheets every night...
and the other positive is that i won't be finding drawers full of old wet pull ups anymore, right?

5. we are so close to being ready for inspection at the house. i mean really close. waaaaay closer than the last time i said we were close. this is like super-duper close. like any closer and it'd be done. seriously.
and it's great to have that anticipation, you know? i mean, we should just enjoy the closeness for awhile....

6. 600 million events written in on my calendar means i am loved, right?? and needed. okay maybe i need to learn how to say, "no", but how BORING would that be??
i mean if i didn't have all that extra stuff to do, and i only had 4 kids, 2 houses, a husband, a dirty van and myself to take care would i ever fill my time?

7. dave and i both eat lunch most days of the week. and some of those days we get to eat lunch together.
i am so thankful for those days- that is when we do our catching up. we talk around our 2 littlest children and his constant phone calls from work, but at least we get that....

8. we are kicking off spring break a little early next week with a short trip to branson with some of my family. should be a nice break from the routine. we leave on wednesday and get back on sunday and then spring break starts on that next monday.
looking forward to some adult interaction and then a break from the school schedule....

and i really shouldn't even bother to clean the house at least until after spring break, right??

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