Wednesday, March 23, 2011

this is my proof that i helped shingle the roof for a little while on saturday :)
can you see me? (tyden took the picture...)

it's amazing the difference a nice saturday makes. the kids were so good. we brought their bikes, but mostly they sat and played in the sand. SO wonderful. especially for wren...she sat in the same spot in the sand with a bucket and a barbie for most of the day.
and i only had to pull nails out of her mouth just a few times as i walked by.

we are still working towards dry-wall. it's taking waaaay longer than we ever thought it would....
but we are very close to being ready for the inspection that comes right before we insulate.
and we are hiring the rest of the shingling (we got a little more than halfway done ourselves.)
and the siding is being started tomorrow! we are so thankful that we do not have to put the siding on this house ourselves like we did on our first house. it will save us tons of time!!
so things should start taking shape soon......i know, i know, we've been saying that for a month now....

switching subjects-
here is shaeya's new haircut. she wonders if people will still know who she is. she said she asked all the kids at school today, and they all still knew it was her, so.....

climbing trees at grandpa and grandma k's

tekoa is rubbing off on us all, i guess

it is AMAZING how much cleaning you can get done when the sun is shining and the girls are on the porch with a bucket of water colored with lime jello....makes me SO READY for summer!!!!!!!!!

kristin's 30!!!!
we had a wonderful lunch -with just 3 babies with us- to celebrate. it was so much fun.
thank you, jumpstart, for your new hourly playcare :)

we will be celebrating for real this weekend with a girl's trip to chicago....i am so ready to go!!!
(i LOVE it when my friends turn 30.....)

wren is catching on to the gymnastic/leotard theme that is taking over our house-
is she not the cutest thing EVER?!?!?

and the last of the big news-
shaeya and tekoa are finally starting to play together. it only took 4 years. (i'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the horse toys tekoa got for her birthday)

they play together and cry together.
and then make sure that i am aware that they are crying. :)

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